Virtual Tours. A Digital Journey through Eight Civic Museums and their Collections

Tour virtuale dei Musei Capitolini

The virtual tours of the city museums offer a complete, full-screen visit of the halls and offer a virtual experience for everyone that breaks through space lines.

Using the mouse and keyboard, clicking on hotspots in the rooms and navigating the interactive maps, the visit is deepened with contextual elements: photos, videos and texts, and the route is selected by the visitor.

Available in Italian and English with more than 300 rooms and thousands of works, the 8 civic museums offer a free virtual tour enriched by images, videos, audio and informative texts.

The visit can be enjoyed on any type of device, including mobile smartphones and tablets, with additional supports such as cardboards or VR viewers.

The virtual tours cover almost the complete museum space with multimedia content, 360° photographs that can be explored using a special control panel to move around virtually inside the rooms, information panels explaining the rooms and works of art, controls for zooming and rotating the image through 360°, a map of the route, photo galleries, videos and other contextual content.

The section 'do not to be missed', which contains a practical visual list of selected works or rooms, is a useful tool for those unfamiliar with the museum and visiting it for the first time.

Finally, in the Virtual Tours of the Centrale Montemartini, the Museum of Rome and the Museum of the Walls, thanks to the latest generation of drones, the visitor can see rooms and works from above, enjoying an additional and unusual perspective of visiting the museum and also the city.